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Mike Myers and We Are Scientists



Live from The Bell House at NYC Podfest! Kevin welcomes his old friend and legendary comedian, Mike Myers, onto the show to help teach the ponderous art of sketch comedy to the electric New York audience and the show’s Three-Headed Podcast Announcer (18:30). But first, Kevin premieres a brand new song all about his life as a minor-comedy celebrity, accompanied by the very talented We Are Scientists (7:05). Then, Kevin recalls getting his first laugh, injuring himself in a football huddle, and offending his alcoholic father(11:30) before sitting down with the great Mike Myers for an unforgettable interview (31:56)! Together, they talk about when they first met, Mike’s many nicknames (including “sucky baby”), his French-Scottish accent, François Truffaut & Peter Sellers, his first days at SNL, the origins of Wayne’s World & Austin Powers, Del Close, how cellphones killed improv for him, and (shockingly) much, much more. Finally, We Are Scientists grace the stage with a soon-to-be-cult-classic cover of t