Kevin Mcdonald's Kevin Mcdonald Show

Halloween In July! LIVE



Live from Union Hall in Brooklyn! The producers of “Kevin McDonald’s Kevin McDonald Show” take over because of Kevin’s failure to attract a broad commercial podcast audience (:40). A well-travelled socialite (Brian McCann), also named Kevin McDonald, is installed as the show’s new announcer, making Kevin suspicious (4:13). Is he being replaced? Then, Kevin performs a song (8:20) and is forced to read three chapters from his “scandalous tell-all” he didn’t write (11:10). Later, TJ Miller joins Kevin in a new sketch about a father’s determination to build the best Haunted House in the neighborhood (also featuring Jo Firestone, Sarah Heveron-Smith, Andrew Block) (16:38). Then an interview! TJ reminisces about the time his college paid for Kevin to come teach improv, expresses his hatred for the organic opening in improv, and discusses absurdism in comedy (28:42). Last, but certainly not least, Craig Finn (The Hold Steady) plays "Maggie I've Been Searching For Our Son" from Faith In the Future (1:02:00) and "Jest