Kevin Mcdonald's Kevin Mcdonald Show

Andy Richter, Aimee Mann, Dana Gould, and Mark McKinney



Live from Largo at the Coronet in LA! Kevin welcomes Andy Richter (Conan), Dana Gould, special guest Mark McKinney (Kids in the Hall), & musical guest Aimee Mann onto the podcast. Except, uh oh... Embarrassing... Kevin can't even get his own beloved sketch "Backdraft Part 2" performed past the objections of his guests, friends, and guardian angel. Are the walls closing in? Nah..... In place of the sketch, Kevin loses himself in a reflective moment, standing on stage before a sell out crowd, wearing a plastic firefighter's helmet. He also sings a song about telling a story about masturbation. And then he tells a story about masturbation. The one that he sang about. This is, of course, after The Announcer (Dana Gould) is peeled apart like an onion, his various secret agendas laid bare. The Big Man. Casual Italian Dining. Sexual exploration. Identity theft. Professional rivalries. The Announcer is a piece of work. And this description has been proceeding in reverse chronological order. Moving forward... Kevi