Kevin Mcdonald's Kevin Mcdonald Show

Sasheer Zamata, 5j Barrow, and Josh Gondelman



Kevin is back with an all new episode of Kevin McDonald's Kevin McDonald Show, and this time, unpublished author and part-time lifeguard Art Fiddle (Josh Gondelman) is announcing. That might not mean anything to you, but trust me -- Art Fiddle is a big get! After putting some of his patented "unpublished author, part-time lifeguard spin" on the show's opening, Kevin explains what it means to make a living as a "noise maker." He then performs an original song that eulogizes all of his dead comedy premises, accompanied by musical guest, 5j Barrow. Sasheer Zamata joins Kevin for an original #sketch and then sits down for an interview about the #Trekkie origins of her name, her experience on #SNL, "Government Camp" in Indiana, being a Celebrity Ambassador for the Women's Rights Project at the #ACLU, and oh so much more! Kevin tells the 17th best "Scott Thompson is crazy" story. And last, but certainly not least (!), 5j Barrow closes out the show with an electric three song set! Recorded live at Union Hall in Broo