Kevin Mcdonald's Kevin Mcdonald Show

"Rock Opera" (w/ Ben Gibbard)



Forever Dog Presents: Kevin McDonald’s Rock Opera! The year is 1991. Kevin is living in Toronto working on a small little HBO show called Kids In The Hall. He’s also in a toxic relationship with a woman named Cheater, who regularly cheats on him. But Kevin is aware of this devastating truth and does what any logical person would do in this situation: he asks Cheater to marry him (9:01). Dave Foley, future star of A Bugs Life (played by Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard), pleads with Kevin to not marry Cheater (13:00). Meanwhile, a Texas producer hired by Lorne Michaels books Kevin & Dave on the Joan Rivers Show (15:30), whisking him away to the Big Apple just before Cheater says they shouldn’t get married (16:55). Kevin is despondent, but Dave drags him out of bed for a raucous night on the town (20:47) — a night that involves copious amounts of alcohol, an AIDS benefit, more cheating, and an ambiguous moral (22:30). After the opera, Kevin interviews Ben Gibbard (41:11) and invites him to play a two-song