Aliya Leigh

Aliya Leigh - talking about sam s club, wal mart, energy drink, good deals, steamer, little bit



Hi guys, how you doing? This is Aliyah Wullee(?). I'm in Sam's Club right now. There's a great big storm right now. So I just got into Sam's, I just got into Sam's Club to buy some of course energy drink so I can always be on energy. There's some really good deals here. I mean the deals are totally awesome. A steamer for a 149 dollars, that's a little bit too much for me right now. I was getting a good good deal. Oh my God they have this up right deep(?) cleaner for a 197 dollars come on now I can get cheaper at Wal Mart. Give me a deal people give me a deal. Unfortunately I don't have a pass(?) so I have to worry about pass(?) here or anything like that right now and everything else is doing very well but one thing I wanna say to my fans I wanna.