Aliya Leigh

9 11 live for today



Hello everybody, this is your girl O'Nelly(?). I'm so sorry that I haven't done another pod cast later. I was sick and been busy and all that but other good stuff but I wanna say because today is September 11th and if you or this stand(?) of mine if you know about me then you know guys from New York City. I was born and raise raise but I live in I was born and raise there you guys know down from there. I wanna say that you know what if you need degrees freezing your own way if you don't need degrees then don't worry about it. But just see just remember that one thing that you can honestly say that you're still alive and hopefully you are healthy because some most of my friends had died in the build well most of my friend did die in the building and I will never get to see them again and they were.