Your boy Patrick bringing his best thought and laugh provoking content with a little help from some friends. Interview - Quotes - Pop Culture Panel - Homily - Nashville.

Patrick and Paloma Audiobook

Patrick the cat lives a very comfortable life until one day a new kitten arrives. Her name is Paloma and she seems to be taking all the attention from Patrick's life. Annoyed and...

Scotty And Rico Make A Podcast

Scotty and Rico have a lot to talk about. Whether it's music, current events, or whatever is on our mind, we will share our ideas with the world. Friends, local musicians and...

Patrick And Morgan

Born in 1990, married in 2010, we are Patrick and Morgan Nichols. Living and working in Los Angeles, originally from Atlanta, Georgia and this is our story and our daily...

Mike And Scotty Live

Live Podcast with Mike Rose and Scotty Mason on model railroading.

Scotty Gurule Podcast

Pastor Scotty Gurule is the Senor Pastor of Covenant Generations Church in Tucson Az for 15 years now. He has a wild, in your face & relevant message for believers. Buckle up and...

Scotty Mcdonald Daily

What’s the story your life tells? Radio Host & Social Media Producer from Brisbane. I’m a huge fan of people living their dreams. This is my daily story and place to share the...

Becoming Patrick

Join Zimmerman, Jeremy and I (Spencer) as we discuss Gaming, Comic reviews, TV, Movies and more!

Rhianna Patrick

Rhianna Patrick brings a fresh, fun lineup to your Sunday evenings.

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