Suzanne Farrell

The most celebrated American ballerina of her generation, Suzanne Farrell was a young student from Cincinnati when, at age 15, she first auditioned for the legendary choreographer...

Profile on Suzanne Farrell

A closer look at a renowned ballerina and artistic legacy, dancer Suzanne Farrell.

Dear Martin

'Absolutely incredible, honest, gut-wrenching!' Angie Thomas, author of The Hate U Give‘?Painfully timely and deeply moving, this is the novel the next...

Martin Larose

Podcast by Martin Larose

Wes Martin

Wes Martin, I write songs and paint. Not at the same time.I wrote a song per week in '11 as Ukuleleboy (despite rarely using one, I know!!). I still write and record songs, annd...

Pinter & Martin

Sprogcast is an independent podcast about birth, pregnancy and early parenthood, hosted by Karen Hall and Mark Harris, and sponsored by Pinter & Martin.

Martin Chuzzlewit

This Charles Dickens classic is the powerful satiric novel of selfish hypocrisy and financial speculation as it bloomed in insular England and in the spacious but narrow minds of...

Online Selling With Suzanne Wells

Suzanne Wells, successful eBay & Amazon seller, and eCommerce consultant, shares online selling strategies to help others learn how to make money online.

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