Tiny Pretty Things

How far is too far?At one of Manhattan's most elite ballet schools, wafer-thin ballerinas pull their hair into sleek buns and lace their pointe shoes high, waiting for their...

Sona 9

Una finestra als grups emergents del concurs de bandes Sona 9. L'actualitat de la música en català sense barreres estilístiques. Els dilluns, de 23 a 24 h, a iCat.

Podcast Això Em Sona

Un podcast quinzenal sobre seqüeles, reboots i remakes del món del cinema amb Jacint Casademont i Pau Garriga.

Ann Petry's The Street with Sapphire, Sonia Manzano, and Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts

Sapphire (Push), Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts (Harlem is Nowhere), and actress Sonia Manzano (The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano) discuss the gritty, emotional 1946 classic set in Harlem....

Song By Song

Podcast by Song by Song podcast

Song Vs. Song

Hosted by Todd (in the Shadows) Nathanson and SyFy's Dany Roth, Song vs. Song pits two similar songs of an era against each other with controversial outcomes.


Welcome to the SoRa podcast, Where we talk about random subjects such as sports, games, news, and anything that is just a fun topic to talk about. Come join!


: House .: Progressive House , Electro House . , iTunes !


????-????? ? ????????, ???????? ???? ? ???????? ???????? Drum & bass , ? ??? ?? Soulful drum & bass and Liquid funk sound's . ?? ?????? ?? ??, ??? ?????????? ?? ?????...

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