Welcome to Samantha's podcast where we talk about relationship issues and help you resolve the crisis in your relationship.

Samantha Davitt

Welcome to the Samantha Davitt podcast, where amazing things happen.

Samantha Cartwright

Welcome to Samantha Cartwright podcast, where ridiculous truths ABOUT who we are and why we to balance that thing called life!

Sincerely Samantha

Advice and Observations about Life, Spirit, Love, Tech, and Business with occasional interviews with interesting people. Call-in to ask your questions and listen for the answers.

Enforcer Seattle Sharks, Book 2

I've got three months to prove to her this fake relationship is real....As the Seattle Sharks' number one Enforcer, nothing means more to me than hockey. I live and breathe the...

Confidential Confidential The Inside Story of Hollywood's Notorious Scandal Magazine

In the 1950s, Confidential magazine, America's first celebrity scandal magazine, revealed Hollywood stars' secrets, misdeeds, and transgressions in gritty, unvarnished detail....

Play On

The New York Times bestselling author of the On Dublin Street series and Hero returns to Scotland in this passionate and evocative romance about love, loss, and surviving...

Samantha Ross

Ill talk about love, heartbreak and all sorts of things Ill also tell stories I wrote maybe do question of the day and word of the day depends

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