A Ship and Shells

The campers visit the seashore and learn the /sh/ sound in A Ship and Shells by Meg Greve.

Envelopes Everywhere! (short /e/)

The Campers Get A Behind The Scenes Tour Of The Post Office And A Special Delivery.

Clam Beach

The campers learn how to find clams on the beach!

What Are the US Regions?

This title talks about the five regions of the united states and is filled with colorful maps to indicate where these regions are. It also includes fun information about the...

In the Big City

Packing Up And Moving From A Small Town To A Big City Filled With Tall Buildings And Bustling Sounds Is Exciting And A Bit Scary At The Same Time.

Play with Counting! Little World Math Concepts

This book takes students through the concepts of addition and subtraction using simple, understandable text.

One Land, Many Cultures

This title addresses how America is a melting pot filled with people from all over the world. Learning about their native language, the foods they eat, and their customs, are just...

Who Stole the Veggies from the Veggie Patch?

"Who Stole The Cookies From The Cookie Jar" Is Given A New Twist Using Vegetables In This Delightful Book Using Different Animals.

What's the Place Value? Little World Math Concepts

This book introduces students to the ones and tens place value using Popsicles as a fun learning tool.

Get Moving

Sung To The Tune Of Do You Know The Muffin Man?, This Book Stresses The Importance Of Staying Active To Feel Better And Keep Their Bodies Healthy.

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