Painting Party /p/

The campers paint the inside of the bus and learn the phonetic sound /p/ in Painting Party by Meg Greve.

At Bat /b/

The Campers Play Baseball Until A Ball Flies Over The Fence.

Fish Mission /f/

Join the campers as they learn how to fish and learn the phonetic sound /f/ in Fish Mission by Precious Mckenzie.

In the Big City

Packing Up And Moving From A Small Town To A Big City Filled With Tall Buildings And Bustling Sounds Is Exciting And A Bit Scary At The Same Time.

Run…It's a Bee!

As Victoria and Jasper were enjoying their new sunflower, Jasper gets pollen on his nose. A bee soon arrives which sends the characters running. As they run through a baseball...

Money Counts Little World Math Concepts

Introduces students to the concept of money from a penny to a dollar. Shows them how to make different amounts with different coins and how many coins it takes to buy something.

It's My Turn

This Title Teaches Students The Importance Of Taking Turns When Playing Games Or Doing Activities.

Vote For Me!

Priscilla Pony Organizes The Tasks Needed To Make Posters For The New School President. Everyone Works Together And The Job Is A Success.

One Land, Many Cultures

This title addresses how America is a melting pot filled with people from all over the world. Learning about their native language, the foods they eat, and their customs, are just...

Buff Ducks

Beautifully Illustrated, This Book Teaches Students The Importance Of How Staying Active Keeps Them Healthy.

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