21 Lingo

21 Lingo is a class assignment where each student shred their own personal struggles or experiences in literature.

21 Lingo

It comes from my literacy narrative. Cover art photo provided by Aaron Burden on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@aaronburden

Love Lingo

Learn the language of love with the Radio Lingua Network

Slick Lingo Podcast

Trying to make sense of this world.

Derty Lingo Radio

New Music - What's Hot And What's Not

Mindset Mastery

Join coach and author Heather J. Wynn with her refreshingly honest, 15-minute mindset makeovers on all things health, fitness, dieting, body image and confidence.


A boy born at 1:00 a.m. on New Year's Day in Korea is considered to be incredible good fortune, but Tae Yun Kim turned out to be a girl, thereby cursing her family with bad...

Physique Mastery

Physique Mastery is the quickest path to your goal, but its not a quick fix. Physique Mastery is your shortcut to building a ripped and muscular physique, yet it focuses on the...

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