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Lucky Jim

This is Jim Hart's story: how he survived a violent childhood home, how he overcame obsessive dependencies, and how he finally found the strength to be his true self. A master...

Revelstoke Jim

Direct from the Log Broadcasting Centre in Revelstoke, British Columbia, the coolest little town North of nowhwere. The official home of Revelstoke Jim's Canadian Content, Moose...

Lord Jim

Jim, the first mate aboard a small steamer named the Patna, travels from port to port in the Pacific Ocean. When the ship hits floating wreckage, Jim and the crew are forced to...

The Doctor’s Dirty Orders Gay Medical MM Erotica

An annual physical exam is something Jasper endures because of his parent’s nagging. When he turns up for his latest one, he’s surprised to find a new doctor in attendance....

Lord Jim

Lord Jim is a novel by Joseph Conrad originally published as a serial in Blackwood's Magazine from October 1899 to November 1900. An early and primary event is the abandonment of...

Jim Cellini

Veterinarian seeking to help my fellow vets and the general populace become more informed and thoughtful regarding the veterinary profession as a whole.

Jim Dedelow

Jim Dedelow, morning host, WJOB AM 1230, Hammond, Ind.

Jim & Lally

Having a crappy day? Well listen to this show

Anger Management A Guide for Men

How many times do you find yourself making very, very bad decisions in life because you were in a very bad mood? Are these decisions draining all your energy down? How many times...

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