Seven stories of the West, in which cavalry troopers clash with Apaches, homesteaders learn to manage their land and relationships, and the men of the law run killers to ground.

Tombstone for a Troubleshooter

Special railroad agent Quist looks at the tombstone bearing his own name. Since he’d hit town, his life had been in danger – but with this, he decides enough is enough…

The Tangled Web

Deputy Marshal Rowry Saxton appreciates the tedium of law-keeping in the sleepy Kansas town of Hays - until the criminal he brings down turns out to be his own brother, Ord.

The Mustangers

Two Wyoming ranch hands are hired as mustangers in Mexico. But Honorio Calderon detests everything about gringos, and the mustangs have run free on his land for a long time.

Reunion at Cottonwood Station

The title story is the tale of a group of stagecoach passengers who are forced into a siege with Apaches at an isolated desert station. A man on the trail of his missing brother...

Snake Dance

When Lady Grace is kidnapped by the Hopis at the annual snake dance, it is down to Silver Hat, with the help of a Navajo medicine man, to find her.

Guns of Thunder

This Western duo contains tales of a wounded priest, reunited with his estranged daughter, and a town desperately trying not to let a shipment of rifles fall into the wrong hands.

Wild Horse Valley

Tonto County see their good-natured sheriff and former vaudevillian Henry Conroy as a bit of a joke, but can he step up and take charge when trouble comes knocking?

The Fugitive's Mission

Max Brand has long been considered one of the finest chroniclers of the Old West. Under his pen, the West and all its characters come alive in full color. Collected here are three...

Marching Orders

A stunning account of how the American military’s breaking of the Japanese diplomatic Purple codes led to the defeat of Nazi Germany. Bruce Lee, having had access to more than...

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