Reparations or Death

‘When ... any white man in the world says “give me liberty, or give me death,” the entire white world applauds. When a black man says exactly the same thing, word for word,...

Letters of James, The - The Holy Bible King James Version

In The Letter of James, Jesus' brother James shares his views on Christianity.According to James the main focus of life should be performing good deeds, helping the poor and...

James R. Henry - Henrytek

Success Tips, Social Media, Business Advice, Business Tools, Web Apps, Website Programming, and so much more!


At the bloody battle of Cannae, he trounced a Roman army twice the size of his own. With his brothers, he subdued nearly all of Italy, Spain and Northern Africa. A cunning...

James R Doty Md

Podcast by James R Doty MD

Tied With Hannibal: A Hannibal Podcast

Aaron from Nerd Porn and Steve review NBC's Hannibal! For feedback, please email us or

Unspoiled! Hannibal

Natasha and Alan cover Hannibal one episode at a time. Alan has seen them all, Natasha has seen nothing!

Apocrypha King James Version

You can now experience the King James Version of the Apocrypha while you are on the go or listen when you are reading along at home. The clear, rich voice of narrator S. D....

Ulysses By James Joyce

Ulysses is a novel by James Joyce, first serialized in parts in the American journal The Little Review from March 1918 to December 1920, then published in its entirety by Sylvia...

Cowboy Up An Ace Tucker Space Trucker Adventure

As fully licensed, bonded and insured agents of the Temporal Continuity Bureau, Ace and the gang get their very first T.C.B. assignment! On their way to the Rostokian Deep-space...

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