Henri Nouwen on Suffering and Joy

How can Aristotle help you become a better person? In this course by award-winning teacher and leading Aristotle expert Prof. Cary J. Nederman (Ph.D., York University), you will...

Henri Nouwen A Spirituality for the Wounded

Experience Henri Nouwen's fullness of life spirituality with this new course presented by his official biographer.Henri Nouwen (1932–1996) was one of the most popular and...

M + M + J Hudson

The Hudson kids are 2 y/o Jonathan, 3 y/o Kenzie, & 5 y/o Maddy. They share some of their advice, play sessions, & random conversations!!!

M&j Podcasts

Regular conversaions that go hilariously whack!

Who Are We? Henri Nouwen on Our Christian Identity

Join one of the 20th century's most inspiring spiritual writers on a journey of self-discovery.Society teaches us to define ourselves by the things we have: belongings, education,...

M & J Podcast

M & J Podcast is an Entertainment podcast for the musical community. Talking with industry leaders from across the country. Providing people and artist a full understanding of the...


Welcome to M-J-L_podcast, where we hear the opinions of people

Coyote Talks With M & J

A podcast that entertains and informs teens in High School about what is going on in todays society, hosted by two high school students themselves

J&m: Something Nothing Show

Welcome to the J&M: SOMETHING NOTHING SHOW hosted by Jon aka BIGJonWOLF and Mike aka BlindHostility. Where we turn nothing into something and talk about video games, movies,...

Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen Spiritual Guides for the 21st Century

Prepare to be inspired by two of Catholicism’s leading spiritual luminaries.Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen were extraordinary architects of our spiritual landscape. A masterful...

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