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Literature, Art And Oxford

Podcasts exploring the relationship between literary works and the artwork and Oxford. From J.R.R Tolkien to Philip Pullman, authors have been inspired by Oxford; the...

Masterpieces of Medieval Literature

It is during the Middle Ages that modern Europe, indeed, modern Western culture as we know it, comes to be. Classical Mediterranean culture drew from the ancient Middle East, and...

Revise Gcse English Literature

Let other students help you revise for your GCSE English Literature exams. In this series, students break down complicated revision subjects to its core components helping you...

The History Of Literature

Enthusiast Jacke Wilson journeys through the history of literature, from ancient epics to contemporary classics.Find out more at historyofliterature.com and...

New Books In Literature

Interviews with Writers about their New Books

History Of Children's Literature

In this subject, students investigate the development of literature for children from the traditional literatures of myth and legend, folk and fairy tales, through early...

European Literature Network Podcasts

The European Literature Networks mission is to help promote international literature among a broader audience of England and to support other groups working in this area.

The Art of Literature

Arthur Schopenhauer’s The Art of Literature is a lively, illuminating and brutally honest collection of essays on literary style and values, writers and critics, and the nature...

Classic Literature And Philosophy

Podcast by Classic Literature and Philosophy

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