An Interview With Bruce Degen

If a picture can speak a thousand words, Bruce Degen's illustrations can spark a thousand smiles. From sixth-grade, this illustrator of the wildly popular "Magic School Bus"...

Thomas Jefferson

With this audiobook, you will learn about Thomas Jefferson through a compilation of original readings and commentary, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Louisiana...

Thomas Dale: Love, Me

It is from his world of colorful characters that Thomas Dale draws the true stories he brings to comedy stages across the country. His ability to marry warmth and acceptance with...

The Essential Dylan Thomas

This varied, well-chosen selection brings the best of Dylan Thomas. Here is the legendary recording of Under Milk Wood, with Richard Burton and Richard Bebb as narrators; but here...

Thom Bruce

Welcome to the Thom Bruce podcast, all about web marketing and what software can do for you.

The Poetry of Thomas Hardy

A collection of Thomas Hardy's finest poetry read by Carleton Hobbs, John Glen, Richard Burton and Edith Evans


Peter Ames Carlin’s New York Times bestselling biography of one America’s greatest musicians is the first in twenty-five years to be written with the cooperation of...

Bruce Britton

I talk about life and new experiences and also advice & some wisdom for people that need it.

Stump Bruce

Think you're smarter than Bruce Murdock? Prove it by stumping him with difficult trivia!

Richard Burton reads the poetry of Thomas Hardy

The multi-award winning actor reads the finest work of Thomas Hardy

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