In The Moment: Say It Out Loud Episode 7

Podcasts offer us a fresh way of looking at things, encouraging us to challenge negative ways of thinking. Through them, we can find new ways to be creative and consider options...

In The Moment: Sisu And The Power Of Determination Episode 10

All of us face moments when we are presented with a choice: to give up or buckle down. These are ‘sisu moments’, says Finnish writer Joanna Nylund; the times when stoicism can...

History Revealed: The Extraordinary Tale of Patty Hearst Episode 79

Patty Hearst falls for her kidnappers and joins them in a daring bank robbery, but how dedicated a criminal was she?

History Revealed: Elizabeth Beneath the Mask Episode 87

To her people she was a creature of beauty and mother of the nation, but behind closed doors hid a queen riddled with insecurities and plagued by bouts of depression.

History Revealed: Nelson: Comander Rebel Lover Episode 25

The life and complex character of one of Britain's most-loved military heroes.

History Revealed: Who Was the Bloodiest Tudor Episode 29

It is perhaps the most infamous dynasty in English history; One that ordered the executions of thousands. But who was its most murderous monarch?

History Revealed: The Extraordinary Tale of Pocahontas Episode 47

On 5 April, the romanticised heroine of Hollywood movies entered into the first inter-racial marriage in American history.

History Revealed: Schindler's List Episode 76

We look at the real characters and tragic events that inspired Steven Spielberg to create his heart-wrenching epic movie

History Revealed: SAS Secret Heroes of World War II Episode 13

How Britain’s daring commandoes brought down Hitler’s empire

History Revealed: Wallace Triumphant Episode 36

William Wallace’s victory at Stirling Bridge inspired the Scots in their struggle against the overlordship of Edward I. Julian Humphrys looks at how and why it happened.

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