Baboons are some of the biggest members of the monkey family. From food to homes to behavior, learn the facts on these tailless primates!


This book takes a very simple look at the Brachiosaurus dinosaur, examining what it looked like, what it ate, how it behaved, and its special skills and features such as its very...

Stars of Basketball

They slam big-time dunks. They pull down rebounds. Who are the brightest stars in the game of basketball?

Keep Out! Invasive Species

When an invasive species makes its way into a new habitat, it can get crowded in a hurry! The invasive species can wreak havoc on the native species including people. Discover how...

Experimental Drones

With drone use soaring, remotely piloted aircraft have captured people’s imaginations. Militaries, businesses, and hobbyists are continually finding new ways to use UAVs and...


Take a trip through the Pelican State! Learn about Louisiana's history, geography, weather, people, and more in this book that's all about our 18th state.

All About Horses Everything A Horse-Crazy Girl Needs to Know

From mucking out stables, grooming, feeding, and even visits to the dentist—a lot goes into taking care of a horse. Engaging text, entertaining quizzes, and colorful photos help...

The World's Worst Earthquakes

The windows rattle. The ground shakes. Soon the ground cracks open and buildings come crashing down. It's an earthquake! These shattering natural disasters cause huge amounts of...

West Highlands, Scotties, and Other Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers can jump five times their own height. Welsh Terriers barely shed. Learn all about the characteristics of terrier dog breeds and much more! Packed with...

South Carolina

Visit the Palmetto State! Learn about South Carolina's history, geography, weather, people, and more in this book that's all about our eighth state.

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