Brought in Dead

The second of two classic police thrillers featuring detective Nick Miller, set in London’s seedy underworld.

Target Tobruk

April 1941. As Rommel’s Africa Korps thunder towards Tobruk, the last bastion of British defence in North Africa, Flying Officer Yeoman is assigned to defend the dwindling...

The Cleansing

J.A. Baker is the best-selling author of multiple thrillers, including Undercurrent, The Uninvited, Her Dark Retreat and The Other Mother. The Cleansing is a gripping...

Comes the Dark Stranger

Martin Shane was tortured, starved and broken. But a memory has surfaced… A memory of the man who did this to him. And he must pay.

Hurricane Squadron

France, May 1940. Seated in the cockpit of his Hurricane, Sergeant George Yeoman — young, eager, and innocent in the ways of war — is on his way to join his first operational...

The Last Place God Made

Reissue of the timeless Higgins classic…

Bloody Passage

A classic thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Eagle Has Landed.

Toll for the Brave

From the first name in heart pounding thriller fiction.

To Catch A King The Classic World War II Bestseller

July 1940. England prepares for invasion, all eyes focused on its borders. But such focus inevitably leaves gaps elsewhere, and Hitler sees an opportunity to carry out an...

Squadron Scramble

Summer 1940, and the Battle of Britain is about to begin. After his time in France and the nightmare of Dunkirk, Sergeant George Yeoman of No. 505 Squadron R.A.F. no longer has...

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