History Revealed: Joshua Slocum Episode 94

Joshua Slocum set sail in 1895 to become the first man to sail around the world single handedly

History Revealed: Rorke's Drift Episode 89

Against all the odds : the defence of the mission station at Rorke's drift during the Anglo Zulu war

History Revealed: Spartacus Episode 65

The legend of Spartacus has been told and retold down the centuries. But who was the real leader of the slave revolt? Who was the man who managed to shake the foundations of Rome?

History Revealed: Gladiators of Rome Episode 64

The games of Ancient Rome were barbaric. In this episode we take you on a journey back to the brutal time.

Lonely Planet: Great Escapes South Devon Episode 10

Begin your trip by sampling outstanding local produce on Lyme Bay, then head west to explore the creeks and waterways of the River Dart. Follow the river to the coast for some...

220 Triathlon: The Guts and the Glory Episode 3

Matt Baird recaps an unforgettable experience in Brazil

Get Into Sport: Master Your Gears Episode 32

Gears aren’t just for getting up speed or getting up hills – used creatively they can be a training aid in themselves. Mark McKay explains…

Get Into Sport: Run For It Episode 4

Running is one of the most time-efficient ways to burn calories and increase cardio stamina

Get Into Sport: Get Set for a Sportive Episode 22

Whether you're new to cycling or you're rekindling your interest, if you've never cycled a sportive before then you're in for a treat. As long as you're prepared…

Get Into Sport: Fuel's Gold Episode 26

After a season in the saddle even the pros will have a few aches and pains.Here's our head to toe breakdown of how to cure the bane of many a cyclist.

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