This collection of stories is all about the Rawhide Kid, one of T. T. Flynn’s most famous and popular characters, and includes the original story he features in.

Back Trail

Tom Buckner returns to the town of Luna, only to realize that Susan Todd, the woman he loves, is not the puzzle he thought - that he's the puzzle. Before, he didn't care what...

Glory Blast Western: Short Stories

Short in size, Two Bit Higgins beats up the much bigger Dandy Barker in a bar fight in an southern Arizona gold mining town. He is then named a deputy sheriff, also showing how...

Death Marks Time in Trampas

This Western quintet brings together five of Flynn's stories, combining mystery, suspense and action, whilst introducing us to fascinating characters, such as the Yaqui Kid.

Border Blood

The Yaqui Kid saves the life of Paul Richards almost killed by in the desert while chased by a posse. Brad Stees has stolen the ranch that easterner Paul has inherited and Brad...

Valley of the Damned

Bart Sutherland’s brother has been murdered by Colt Parmalee and his gang. In disguise, Bart arrives at Colt’s ranch in the Valley of the Damned out for revenge. After being...

The Man From Laramie

No one in Coronado, New Mexico, wanted Will Lockhart to linger in town. There were some willing to go to dire lengths to drive him out. But the lone rider from Laramie had come a...

What Color is Heaven?

The Maddens and the Candlemans have been shooting each other for years. Now robbery and murder have driven them together in a Mexican border town. They'll finish it here.

Shafter Range

Family ties and past ructions play heavily on the minds of Rick Candleman and Mike Shafter in this Western duo of stage robberies, murder and land ownership.

Wild Wind, Brave Wind

Splinters from the wooden banister flew against his face and he felt the tug of lead... A desperate cowboy starts a range war and ends up the prime target. Can he hire enough...

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