A Rabbit for You Caring for Your Rabbit

Find out about all of the basics about owning a rabbit. Learn about what bunnies eat, how to keep your bunny happy, and general care.

Fish for You Caring for Your Fish

Find out about all of the basics about owning a fish. Learn about what fish eat, how to keep your fish happy, and general care.

Groceries for Grandpa

Grandpa is having a birthday party, and it's Meg's job to do the grocery shopping. Will she find her way through the maze of aisles and rows using Mom's map? Or will she and her...

Plant Plumbing A Book About Roots and Stems

Learn how plants store food during the winter and carry water up to the leaves through roots and stems.

Syd's Room

Syd has a hard time deciding what color she wants to paint her room.

Allie's Bike

Allie is all set to ride her bike! She has all her safety gear, including a new pink helmet. But riding a bike is a lot harder than it looks…

The Best Soccer Player

When the children play soccer, Katy is the best player of them all. She runs fast, kicks hard, cheers loudly, scores goals, and steals the ball.

Shopping for Lunch

Joe and his mother go to the grocery store and buy everything they need for lunch.

Water Wise

Content-based Read-it! Readers are perfect for the independent reader or to read aloud. Engaging plots and fun characters will show kids how science skills are important in...

Bess and Tess

Easy-to-read text describes Lucy's two very different dogs.

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