River Rafting /r/

The campers ride a raft down a raging river and learn the phonetic sound /r/ in River Rafting by Meg Greve.


Sharing Is Sometimes Hard For Young Students. This Book Talks About Different Things And Ways You Can Share To Get Along Better With Your Classmates And Friends.

The Birdhouse That Jack Built

This Rhyming Title Tells The Story Of How Jack And His Friends Worked Together To Get The Job Of Building A Birdhouse Done.

Kick, Pass, SCORE!

In This Early Reader, Animals Play Soccer And Learn About Using Teamwork When You Aren't The Best.

Maps Are Flat, Globes Are Round

Young Readers Learn About Maps And Globes Through Simple Text And Photos.

Tap, Tap, Tap… What's Hatching?

The text in this engaging board book leads young children to use the photos to predict the answer to the question "What's Hatching?".

Painting Party /p/

The campers paint the inside of the bus and learn the phonetic sound /p/ in Painting Party by Meg Greve.

A Ship and Shells

The campers visit the seashore and learn the /sh/ sound in A Ship and Shells by Meg Greve.

Let's Get Pizza

When Dan And Dad Go Out For Pizza They Learn That Just Because It Smells So Good Doesn't Mean You Should Eat Too Much. It's Much Better If You Share.

Keys and Symbols on Maps

Young Readers Learn About Keys And Symbols On Maps Through Simple Text And Photos.

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