Cry of the Hunter

Reissue of the timeless Higgins classic....Martin Fallon was one of the legendary heroes of the Organisation. A fighter in his teens and a leader north of the border in his 20s....

Wrath of God

A story of passion and heroism from a violent land — Mexico in the 1920s...a place and a time when life was cheap and survival was for those who fought dirtiest.A year after...

The Savage Day

Action and blood-thirsty suspense from the master of the game.

The Violent Enemy

The classic best seller from the master of the gameBritain’s most wanted political offender. A seductively beautiful woman, and the dream of a perfect escape...Many lives had...

Day of Judgment

Oliver Grant. Decorated soldier, then Major in Military Intelligence. Now a case-hardened mercenary - selling his services to the highest bidder wherever the going is rough....

A Game for Heroes

Combat, love and sacrifice from the twilight of the war in this classic thriller of WW2 adventure.

Luciano's Luck

The brilliant suspense thriller from the author of THE EAGLE HAS LANDED, set in the wartime battlegrounds of the Mediterranean.

The Graveyard Shift

The first of two classic police thrillers featuring detective Nick Miller, set in London’s seedy underworld. Ben Garvald is out of prison. After nine years in prison, he’s...

Year of the Tiger

In 1959, British agents masterminded the escape of the Dalai Lama from Tibet. Three years later, Paul Chavasse is doing it all over again.... A vitally important scientist,...

East of Desolation The International Bestseller

Classic adventure from the undisputed master of action and adrenalin-pumping suspense.

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