Clam Beach

The campers learn how to find clams on the beach!

Vote For Me!

Priscilla Pony Organizes The Tasks Needed To Make Posters For The New School President. Everyone Works Together And The Job Is A Success.

What Has Eight Legs and….?

Spiders! This clever book teaches young children all about spiders.

Volcano! /v/

Take a peek at a volcano with the campers and learn the phonetic sound /v/ in Volcano! by J. Jean Robertson.

Off to Pluto!

Zoom off to outer space and learn about Pluto with the campers.

Bedtime Battles

In This Emergent Reader, A Child Doesn't Want To Go To Bed.

Jungle Journey /j/

Venture Into The Jungle And Meet Jaguars And Jackals.

A Blimp in the Blue

The campers learn about blimps and take a ride.

My Name Is Not...

Lucy Goose Is Having A Difficult Time With All The Names She's Being Called By The Other Animals In The Barnyard. After Confronting Each One She Reveals Her Real Name And Her Real...

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