The True Reward

Bold's request is granted because he puts others' needs first.

The Earth Breathed Fire

A postmaster recorded the birth of this volcano in Japan.

Dogs at Work

Dogs have many ways to show that they are "man's best friend."

A Sea Turtle's Quiet Miracle

One summer night the author and her daughter watched as a mother sea turtle came ashore to lay her eggs.

Catch of the Day

Ethan helps rescue a friend from the rapids.

The Chore Chain

Everyone in Maddie's neighborhood gets a chance to do a favorite chore--for someone else!

Discovering a New Galaxy

Learn about astronomers who made an important discovery.

Sensational Sea Babies

Profiles several marine creatures including squid, horseshoe crab, seahorse, and others as babies and adults.

Why Does a Woodpecker Peck?

Learn three good reasons why woodpeckers work so hard to drill holes in trees.

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