Treasure Island

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Set sail on the Hispanola with the boy Jim Hawkins and enter the world of pirates and swashbucklers. Join Black Dog, Squire Trelawney, and Long John Silver on this innovative take on the classic story.

STARRING: DAN O'HERLIHY as Jim Hawkins, FORD RAINEY as Billy Budd, SHEPHERD MENKEN as Black Dog, JEANETTE NOLAN as Mrs. Hawkins, PEGGY WEBBER as Young Jim Hawkins, PARLEY BAER as Doctor Livsey, LOU KRUGMAN as Blind Pew, KAY KUTER as Squire Trelawney, SEAN McCLORY as Long John Silver, LINDA HENNING as Captain Flint, KEVIN TRACEY as Tom Morgan, WILLIAM WOODSON as Captain Smollett, RICHARD ERDMAN as Ben Gunn, JOHN CARVER as Israel Hands, and Announcer WILLIAM WOODSON.

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