Dig Deep My Grave A Viv and Charlie Mystery

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The third book in the Viv & Charlie mystery series raises the stakes for Viv beyond anything she could have imagined.

Viv finally gets up the courage to invite Charlie to meet her extended family at their luxurious cottage on Geneva Lake, but the visit goes terribly wrong when an old flame of Viv's turns up dead—and it looks like Charlie might be the culprit.

Viv has finally gotten up the courage to introduce Charlie to her extended family and brings him to their luxurious cottage on Lake Geneva. But the visit gets off to a rocky start when Hap, an old flame of Viv's, unexpectedly turns up. Charlie clearly feels threatened by Hap, but Vivian is sure that it will all blow over—until Hap turns up dead in the game room, with Charlie standing over him, covered in blood and holding a knife.

Viv knows that Charlie couldn't have killed Hap, but how can she prove it and get him released from prison? Back in Chicago and juggling her increasingly demanding job at the radio station, demands from her family, and gathering evidence to clear Charlie's name, Viv is locked in a race against the clock to solve Hap's murder and save the man she loves before she loses him forever.


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