NPR Laughter Therapy A Comedy Collection for the Chronically Serious

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Looking for an alternative to the seriously reliable, soothing yet informative sound of NPR? Try NPR!

Prepare to be surprised by this collection of interviews with some of the funniest personalities on the planet, and by the memorable, unbelievable news that delights NPR listeners on the 1st of April each year. 

Featuring comedy legends and NPR favorites:

  • Introduction by Peter Sagal
  • The World According to Stephen Colbert
  • OK Go’s Damian Kulash Crafts Pro Dial-Up Anthem
  • An Anthropologist Walks Into a Bar
  • Drew Carey Plays Not My Job
  • Roaches Drive Comedian to Bunk at Ikea
  • The Ups and Downs of Paula Poundstone
  • Phyllis Diller: Still Out for a Laugh
  • Starbucks’ Coffee Pipeline
  • Joan Rivers Hates You, Herself, and Everyone Else
  • New York City Preschool Starts DNA Testing for Admission
  • Mo Rocca’s Hard Hitting Look at Presidential Pets
  • Which Supreme Court Justice Cracks the Most Jokes?
  • Backstage With Fred Willard and Martin Mull
  • Dog Talk
  • Eugene Levy Stays Smart, Even in the Cheapest Gag
  • Lunacorp to Project Images on the Moon
  • Mel Brooks, “Unhinged” and Loving It

  • Chapters