Mage's Trial

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An ancient evil is murdering the Mages. And she might be the next to die....

In the magical boroughs of New York City - filled with supernatural races like the Vamps, shifters, Fae, and witches - evil lurks, waiting for its chance to kill again.

Things are bad for Aspen Rivest, the newest - unwanted - Mage of New York. The Council of Mages is in shambles, Lucien's confession has left her wondering if she can trust anyone, and Isak, the boy she cares about, is nowhere to be found.

Now she's running out of time. Maladias' servants, the Kings, have made it to Earth, tasked with a single purpose: Kill all the Mages and make way for their master's return.

With Isak gone, it'll take all of Aspen's newfound power, cunning, and bravery to bring him back and find the Kings...before they find her.


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