Skinny Bitch Deluxe Edition

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Skinny Bitch has been a publishing world phenomenon. Now comes Skinny Bitch Deluxe Edition, pairing up the number-one New York Times bestseller Skinny Bitch with the delicious and satisfying recipes of Skinny Bitch in the KitchSkinny Bitch is a tart-tongued, no-holds-barred wake-up call to all women who want to be thin. With such blunt advice as ""Soda is liquid Satan"" and ""You are a total moron if you think the Atkins Diet will make you thin,"" it's a rallying cry for all savvy women to start eating healthy and looking radiant. Unlike standard diet books, it actually makes the listener laugh out loud with its truthful, smart-mouthed revelations.
" Skinny Bitch in the Kitch, the follow-up to Skinny Bitch, provides over seventy-five recipes that will satisfy any crazy craving and cooking quandary a Skinny Bitch may have: like what to fix for an easy weekday dinner or serve at a dinner party. The authors offer dishes for all occasions, from """"Bitchin' Breakfasts"""" and """"PMS Pleasing Snacks"""" to """"Hearty-Ass Sandwiches"""" and """"International Bitch Fare."""" "
" With Skinny Bitch Deluxe Edition, you get both the detailed guidelines for a healthier lifestyle and directions on how to make dozens of meals to fit that lifestyle. With this book, no Skinny Bitch will go hungry or unsatisfied!"""