Boogers Are My Beat More Lies, But Some Actual Journalism from Dave Barry

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The New York Times calls him 'the funniest man in America,' and his legions of fans agree, laughing and snorting as they put his books on bestseller lists nationwide.

In Boogers Are My Beat, Dave gives us the real scoop on:

• The scientific search for the world's funniest joke (you can bet it includes the word 'weasel')
• RV camping in the Wal-Mart parking lot
• Outwitting 'smart' kitchen appliances and service contracts
• Elections in Florida ('You can't spell Florida without 'duh'')
• The Olympics, where people from all over the world come together to accuse each other of cheating
• The truth about the Dakotas, the Lone Ranger, and feng shui
• The choice between death and taxes

And much, much more—including some truths about journalism and serious thoughts about 9/11.


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