The Girls From the Five Great Valleys

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Five girls. Five dreams. Five destinies.

Determined to climb the social ladder in Missoula, Montana, Hilary knows appearances are crucial to getting ahead-but she's in for a rude awakening. With a rough home life, Doll seeks every chance she can to escape and hang out with one of the local bad boys, but her need to be noticed may land her in serious trouble. Janet hasn't inherited the smarts of her doctor father, but she's content to let life lead her rather than grab the steering wheel. Kathy's the smartest of the group, but her know-it-all attitude can be a real turnoff. Amelia has her mother's drop-dead gorgeous looks and blue-blood Montana roots, but with a handicapped sister and an absent father, her world is waiting to shatter.

As the leader of the group, Hilary doesn't make any decisions without carefully calculating the potential outcome. She's chosen the others to be her friends in order to help her achieve her goals, but each of these young women is about to discover there's little they can control when it comes to what fate has in store.


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