How to Live What the Rule of St. Benedict Teaches Us About Happiness, Meaning, and Community

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The Rule of St. Benedict (the rule) arose in an era when a great civilisation was threatened by violence, economic forces that favoured the wealthy, political leaders that lacked the trust of the public and rampant xenophobia. The events that occurred in sixth-century Rome were much those like on the nightly news.

Benedict was not a priest or religious official. He was just a young man disillusioned by a corrupt society that lacked compassion. He had a vision of a society in which human values reigned — a vision of compassion, harmony and hope.

This is an audiobook about living — not just surviving. It is an audiobook about how to live a balanced, meaningful and conscious life rooted in the ancient and time-tested wisdom of the rule.

Valente's audiobook reflects her training as a journalist. The narrative is engaging, conversational and filled with anecdotes. It reflects the sensibility of someone who has struggled with balancing work and family with finding true meaning and happiness that is not dependent on externals.

In 21 chapters, she explores the key elements of the rule and clearly demonstrates how incorporating this ancient wisdom can change the quality and texture of our lives. Included here are discussions of humility, waking up, silence, simplicity, trust, prayer, forgiveness, building consensus, listening and living with awe. These fresh and profound explorations are inspiring, thoughtful and motivational.

This audiobook is aimed at beginner and mature spiritual seekers alike. It should also appeal to non traditionally spiritual people — the so-called 'nones' (people who list 'none of the above' as their formal religion) — who are seeking a saner way to live in an increasingly violent, divided and confusing world.


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