How Perseus Came Home Again

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Greek ancient myths are full of allegory and wisdom, a triumph of the truth above lies, tricks over insidiousness, savvy and patience. Heroes of Ancient Greek fairy tales find adventures that will not leave anyone indifferent.

When Perseus returned to his home, he saw that his mother was crying in a great sorrow. Escaping from Polydectes she found the protection in a Zeus temple. She didn't leave her temple not for one moment. Angry Perseus entered Polydectes' palace. At that moment Polydectes had a lunch with his friends.

Polydectus didn't expect that Perseus would return, he was assured that Perseus was dead in a battle with Gorgons. He was astonished by Perseus' appearing. Perseus said: "Your order was executed. I brought the head of the Medusa. Polydectes didn't believe that Perseus could complete this feat. He started to mock the hero and told him that he was a liar.

Friends of Polydectus started to mock the hero too. Perseus was full of rage and couldn't forgive his offenders. Perseus pulled out the head of Medusa and cried: "If you don't believe me - here is an approvement!" What happened next?

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