Social Media in the Classroom 30-Minute Interview with Rick Sheridan

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In this 30-minute interview, Dr. Rick Sheridan - a longtime university professor and author of the book - Social Media in the Classroom, helps teachers understand why using social media in the classroom is so important, and the effective ways to use it.

Topics include:

  • Why is social media use in the classroom so valuable for both teachers and students?
  • Ways to promote cultural understanding.
  • Developing an online portfolio.
  • What can students and teachers do to protect their privacy online?
  • Learn about some of Google's many features besides the search engine.
  • Getting shy students to participate.
  • How to evaluate students on their social media experiences, and much more.

Dr. Rick Sheridan is a professor of Mass Media Communications at Wilberforce University in Ohio. Dr. Sheridan has also taught at California State University - Sacramento and Butte College. He has a master's degree in Media Arts, and has received awards for both his teaching and his web design.

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