Intelligence and Luck

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It is a Slavonic fairy tale. This story was translated and published by Albert Henry Wratislaw in 1890. Albert Henry Wratislaw was an English Slavonic scholar. Once upon a time Luck met Intelligence on a garden-seat. Luck said to Intelligence: "Make a room for me!" But Intelligence was outraged: 'Why should I make a room for you? If you are no better than I am!" Luck answered, that he is much better. Luck and Intelligence started to argue. To solve their discussion Intelligence entered into the peasant who was ploughing in the field. When intelligence entered into the peasant, he dropped his plough and went home to tell his family that he doesn't want to be a plougher anymore. He went to the king's ownership to become a gardener. The peasant didn't listen the gardener's advices and finally became more skilled than the gardener. The king respected the peasant very well. The king had a beautiful daughter who always kept silence. One day the king said: "Whoever should bring it to pass that she should speak again, should be her husband!" Will he try to help the king's daughter?