Chemo Comfort You Change Your Life when You Change Your Mind

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Chemo Comfort is designed to enhance your comfort and relaxation during chemotherapy treatments and to help the listener cope with the treatment’s potential side effects (e.g., nausea, fatigue, vomiting, etc). The imagery includes guided relaxation of the body and a journey to lead you to a place of peace where immersive healing is introduced.

This title was chosen by a major pharmaceutical company and distributed along with chemotherapy medication to improve red blood cell count. It has been used successfully by over 100,000 patients nation wide.

Guided Imagery is a technique that utilizes powerful and positive sensory experiences to heal the mind-body connection. Imadulation's unique Guided Imagery contains a prosodic, soothing, melodic voice spoken over peaceful music with sounds from nature. Combined with binaural audio, these techniques have been shown scientifically to promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Binaural audio contains targeted frequencies that entrain alpha and theta brain waves, which are the frequencies dominant in states of relaxation. It also enhances neuroplasticity by breaking up rigid patterns of behavior. The great thing about it is that the positive effects grow in intensity the more you use it – it’s like muscle memory for your brain!

Imadulation® Guided Imagery audio production.