The Little Book Of Self-care For Virgo: Simple Ways To Refresh And Restore—according To The Stars

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Everything you need to know about self-care—especially for Virgo!

Take Time for You, Virgo!

It’s me time—powered by the zodiac! Welcome star-powered strength and cosmic relief into your life with The Little Book of Self-Care for Virgo.

While Virgo may be on a quest to achieve perfection, this book truly puts you first. Let the stars be your guide as you learn just how important astrology is to your self-care routine. Discover more about your sign and your ruling element, earth, and then find the perfect set of self-care ideas and activities for you.

From relaxing at a spa day to writing in a dream journal, you will find more than one hundred ways to heal your mind, body, and active spirit. It’s stellar self-care especially for you, Virgo!


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  • 003 LittleBookOfSelf-CareForVirgo Part1 SignsElementsAndSelf-Care Chapter1 WhatIsSelf-Care

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  • 004 LittleBookOfSelf-CareForVirgo Chapter2 Self-CareAndAstrology

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  • 005 LittleBookOfSelf-CareForVirgo Chapter3 EssentialElementsEarth

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  • 006 LittleBookOfSelf-CareForVirgo Chapter4 Self-CareForVirgo

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  • 007 LittleBookOfSelf-CareForVirgo Part2A Self-CareRitualsForVirgo

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  • 008 LittleBookOfSelf-CareForVirgo Part2B Self-CareRitualsForVirgo

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