This Is What We Did



Andy Ostroff and Gabe "G-Baby" Romero.


  • King's Theatre Brooklyn

    24/03/2019 Duration: 51min

    Andy & Gabe call up actor, comedian, professor, and playwright Dave Hanson (@the_dave_hanson) to come with them for a tour of the King's Theatre in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The theatre, built  in1929 as an escape for local residents closed its doors in 1977. Then, after a 30 year/$95 million remodel it opened up again 2015. Aside from the shows put on in the space, the King's Theatre is an architectural delight and a hidden gem in Brooklyn! 

  • Dinner in Chinatown

    17/03/2019 Duration: 51min

    Andy & Gabe head all the way down town to Chinatown for dinner at the famous WK Restaurant with Mikala Lee (@mikalalk), Danny Bianco (@dannyvk), and neighborhood Steve who dipped with all the leftovers. They then walk over to the Lower East side for some coffee at Round K, and hop in an uber before the rain surcharge kicked in! 

  • American Museum of Natural History NYC

    11/03/2019 Duration: 56min

    Andy & Gabe head to the Upper West Side to check out the American Museum of Natural History, with guest Meghan and Lisa. However, the episode begins by discussing the trials and tribulations of actually showing up to the same place on time while using the New York City MTA on a weekend! However, the four do eventually meet up and explore the museum together. They offer tips  and insights on what made their visit unique. They finish off the day by enjoying a meal at one of the Upper West Side's most popular restaurants! 

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