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Three friends, Dylan, Chase, and Oliver, from a small town in Colorado stay connected while discussing topics far and wide about their life experiences thus far now that theyve all moved away from each other. As they head into their final years of college and into the real world, it is a very exciting time to start a new podcast documenting that journey and sharing thoughts along the way.


  • Are Video Games Bad For You?

    27/05/2020 Duration: 54min

    In the latest riveting episode of Project Today, the guys dissect one of the most prominent factors in each of our childhoods: video games. Whether you consider them to be an addictive waste of time or not, video games have no doubt played a massive role in how each of us grew up. But are they really all bad? Listen to find out our take! Even between the three of us, video games are a hotly contested subject. Oliver was rarely seduced by the lure of video games growing up, whereas Chase and Dylan adopted them from an early age. This distinction gives us something important in any discussion: perspective. Whereas Chase and Dylan may be biased towards the positive side effects of video games, Oliver is there to remind us of the potential counterpoints, and vice versa. Hopefully our conversation today helps you to see a new side of video games, for better or worse. We go over Pokemon, Minecraft, Dragonvale, Racing Live, Backyard Soccer, and many more games that have been with us since childhood! At multiple p

  • How To *Almost* Ruin A Surprise Party

    21/05/2020 Duration: 44min

    I don't know about you, but we're feeling 22! With Dylan's birthday just a few days ago, all three of us are finally 22 years old. We've learned that when you turn 22, you really get a whole new lease on life, gain some much-needed perspective, and also... you learn that not all of your friends are great at keeping secrets. In today's episode of Project Today, Oliver reveals how he ALMOST ruined Dylan's surprise birthday party with a single Snapchat message! Plus, we each talk about a productivity hack that has dramatically changed our lives, before ending the video off with a classic conversation about the responsibilities you gain after graduating from college. And as if that wasn't enough, suspense is in the air... will Chase ever remember what he was going to say? You can only find out by listening to EVERY MINUTE of this week's episode of Project Today! Special thanks to Tim Ferriss, creator of the Tim Ferriss Show and author of "The 4 Hour Work Week" for teaching us about the power of productivity, w

  • Oliver Cuts His Hair and Chase Gets a Puppy!

    13/05/2020 Duration: 33min

    This week on the podcast we talk about a few updates in our lives recently. After a lot of debating, Oliver finally cut his hair! Chase is currently fostering a puppy, and Dylan is building a website to reduce his usage of Youtube. We talk about all of this and more on this week's episode. Thank you for listening to the podcast! --- Send in a voice message:

  • #VanLife: Our Kitchen in a Box (Truck)

    06/05/2020 Duration: 45min

    #VANLIFE UPDATE: It's back! It's been awhile, but you can't go long on this channel without hearing us talk about our crazy van plans! Today, that talk goes into how we plan on using a kitchen, sink, and even a ping pong table in our upcoming box truck conversion. This conversation was spurred on by a Youtube video we saw recently (link down below!) showing a box truck conversion that had some really good features. This one video really challenged our pre-existing views on van conversions in many ways, and in this video we try to dig into each of the following topics: Our kitchen setup The necessity of greywater tanks The importance of "stealth" Windows Our ping pong table Dylan's incredibly important broom And many more! If anybody out there is an experienced van life dweller, or has some differing opinions on any of the conversations we had, reach out to us on Instagram or TikTok (@ProjectToday)! We'd love to discuss each of these topics in depth, and in all honesty could probably record twenty more podc

  • Mamma Mia: Here Go Our Schedules Again

    29/04/2020 Duration: 32min

    At long last, two Project Today members go head-to-head in a battle to decide who truly knows... more songs from Mamma Mia. Not only do we tackle this important question, but we also dive head first into how each of us are crafting personalized schedules during quarantine. This crisis is an opportunity for each of us to plan our schedules out in advance, as we are each working/taking classes remotely. It's an unprecedented time, and for the three of us, it's quite possibly the first time in our lives that we aren't beholden to a rigid schedule imposed by a school, job, or sport. Because of that, we've each learned a ton from following (and oftentimes NOT following) our own self-imposed schedules. In this video we go over exactly how each of us has scheduled our time, from the moment we wake up to the moment we settle back into bed. We each have an IDEAL schedule that, if followed, will yield the maximum amount of productivity and efficiency for our time. But at the same time, this freedom also means distr

  • The END of Our Social Media Declutter!

    22/04/2020 Duration: 01h01min

    Today marks the end of our second-ever social media cleanse! For 30 days we have intentionally avoided all social media usage, and today we go over exactly what we've learned in those 30 days, plus what each of us plans to do now that we can re-integrate social media back into our lives. We did a 30-day social media cleanse last year as well, however we soon discovered that the cleanse did almost nothing to ACTUALLY affect our social media usage. After a couple months we found ourselves once again making poor decisions when it comes to social media, mainly allowing its addictive nature to negatively impact our productivity and focus. Leading up to this social media declutter, a variety of apps were causing each of us issues. Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok were finding ways to distract us from productive work every single day. In order to actually change our habits, we pursued a much more intentional social media detox. Following the advice of Cal Newport in his book Digital Minimalism,

  • Extreme Minimalism: Our 30 Item Lifestyles

    15/04/2020 Duration: 42min

    Recently we discovered an article about traveling with only 15 items to your name, and this sparked our interest: could we live on just 15 items? If we started today, how minimalist could each of us actually go? That question is answered today! Andrew Hyde, a world-traveling blogger, lives with just 15 items in his bag. He even goes so far as to only use a couple shirts and a single pair of shoes. Colin Wright, author of the "Exile Lifestyle" blog, lives with just 51 items to his name. We were instantly captivated by both of these journeys, as we also want to travel the world one day soon, and employ a minimalist lifestyle along the way. To see if we could potentially live like that, we each came prepared today with the list of our bare minimum essential items and counted up the total. One this to keep in mind is that these lists are mostly prospective; Dylan is the only one of us with minimalist traveling experience. He once traversed around Southeast Asia with all of his luggage stowed away in a single b

  • Building Our Own Amazing Race

    09/04/2020 Duration: 43min

    Will any of us ever actually make it onto the Amazing Race? We're not so sure... so what if we just created our own Amazing Race? In this episode, we do exactly that. We begin planning how we would start our own Amazing Race, from where we would film down to how we would film each individual episode. Would we create something just like the actual Amazing Race, or would it be a new competition altogether? Would we be able to plan the race and compete in it ourselves, or would that be giving us an unfair advantage? Is there any three-person group in the ENTIRE WORLD that could beat Dylan, Oliver and Chase? Find the answers to all of these questions and more on today's episode of Project Today --- Send in a voice message:

  • Full Send On TikTok!!!

    01/04/2020 Duration: 55min

    This weeks project is to finally commit to our Project Today TikTok and post twice a day for the entire week! This is something Dylan and Oliver have been talking about starting but have yet to fully commit! Part of what Project Today is, is failing from time to time and learning from why we did fail and how we can use that to succeed in the future. We are certainly not perfect when it comes to living this lifestyle and are always striving to be better which is a huge part of what this podcast is! In that light we talk a bit about some things we have been implementing and or failing to implement in our lives and methods to make it easier for us to stick to doing them everyday! If you are doing this social media declutter with us shoot us a dm on Instagram and let us know how it is going! --- Send in a voice message:

  • Exposing Oliver and the Intentional Digital Declutter

    26/03/2020 Duration: 43min

    On this episode we give an update on our digital declutter and discuss strategies that we are using to stay away from social media and other technology. We also talk about making videos for a Yes Theory challenge! Intro music is the Less I Know the Better by Tame Impala Outro music is Listen to the Music by The Doobie Brothers --- Send in a voice message:

  • Social Media Cleanse... AGAIN?!

    18/03/2020 Duration: 56min

    In the FIRST EVER Project Today podcast, we decide to start up another 30-day social media cleanse. Almost 1 year ago to the day, we began our first ever digital decluttering, however we've each fallen back into the traps of social media in one way or another. To remedy this, we decide to lean heavily on the advice of professionals in the Digital Minimalism space, namely Cal Newport (author of the book Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World) and create our own personalized approaches to the cleanse. On this revamped podcast, we will constantly aim to challenge each other in new and unique ways, and this is the first example of that. We want these challenges to push our limits and force us to see new perspectives of the lives that we lead, oftentimes meaning we will feel uncomfortable in the process. That's the goal. We want this social media cleanse to become something to influential that it changes the way we look at technology in general, and in one month's time, we'll bring the topi

  • A Quick Update

    12/03/2020 Duration: 01min

    We'll be back next Wednesday with our first Project Today episode! --- Send in a voice message:

  • Project Today

    05/03/2020 Duration: 47min

    This is the final episode of Life Talk... next week, our podcast will become Project Today, and with that comes a complete rebrand! In this episode, we talk about what Project Today is, our goals for this new brand, and why you should be as excited as we are about the state of our podcast! --- Send in a voice message:

  • Thrill-seeking: How We'll Face Our Biggest Fears

    27/02/2020 Duration: 22min

    In this episode, we delve into the ways in which each of us will tackle our own biggest fears... and how thrill-seeking will play a role in conquering those fears. While each of us may be deathly afraid of something, we are lucky to be in a position where those fears can be tested and ultimately overcome. None of us want to allow fear or discomfort to rule our lives. Because of that, we each spend a little time in this episode discussing what those fears are and how they can be conquered. Whether it's putting on a bee-suit or swimming with sharks, every fear is simply a hurdle that we are meant to leap over at some point in our lives. Hopefully in this episode you're able to learn a bit more about each of us, and see what really makes us uncomfortable at the end of the day. We're each excited and scared to seek out these opportunities in life, and we are extremely grateful that you took the time to listen as we discussed them. --- Send in a voice message:

  • Who's Going to Win the Race to the Perfect Credit Score???

    19/02/2020 Duration: 38min

    This week the race for the perfect credit score heats up, moves have been made by two of the three of us getting us one step closer to that goal! We also talk a bit about Oliver's spring break plans to travel to Colombia, and Chases vast knowledge of Geography! As always If you enjoy the podcast, please subscribe! Also, check us out on instagram @lifetalkpod Intro music: The Less I Know The Better - Tame Impala Outro music: Listen to the Music - The Doobie Brothers --- Send in a voice message:

  • Living in a Van Made of Legos???

    12/02/2020 Duration: 47min

    Can you live in a van made of Lego? That's the question on our hosts' minds this week as they dissect the highly-anticipated series premiere of Lego Masters, before giving some updates on their #VanLife plans. Additionally, we would like to apologize for Chase's audio from the 17:00 mark onward. He was experiencing some microphone malfunctions and unfortunately did not discover the issue until after recording. --- Send in a voice message:

  • The Secret to Learning A New Language: Shakira?

    05/02/2020 Duration: 41min

    MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD: Do not watch this episode if you haven't yet watched the Super Bowl halftime show! Today we discuss why we thought the Super Bowl LIV halftime show was one of the greatest of all time, as well as how it is helping to teach one of us Spanish... Additionally, we learn about an interesting dream of Dylan's before getting excited about a new upcoming television series. --- Send in a voice message:

  • Convince Me to Become Vegan

    29/01/2020 Duration: 01h09min

    In the latest installment of the Life Talk Podcast, Dylan and Oliver do their best to convince Chase to become a vegan. Will they be able to answer all of his questions, and ultimately sway him to become a full-fledged, plant-based vegan? Or will this experiment simply remind him that meat is his one and only true love? Find out today! --- Send in a voice message:

  • Oliver's Adventures with Nimai Delgado

    22/01/2020 Duration: 33min

    After successfully shooting his shot on social media, Oliver got to spend couple days with Nimai Delgado, the vegan bodybuilder who inspired Oliver to become a vegan in the first place. In this episode he opens up about the things he learned while with Nimai, as well as what how this chance meeting will help him build a brand on Instagram and TikTok. --- Send in a voice message:

  • Full Send

    16/01/2020 Duration: 38min

    In this episode, we discuss Dylan's recent journey through the world of personal finance, and how he successfully applied to a credit card after being denied three times in a row. Additionally, we've got some great news regarding our Crazy Van Plan, with it looking more than likely that our expedition will begin as early as this summer... --- Send in a voice message:

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