Guidelines With Jonathan Copeland



A once-every-two-weeks discussion about User Centred design within South Africa and beyond


  • Welcome to Guidelines

    15/01/2019 Duration: 59s

    South African designers need to consider an immensely diverse group of people. Eleven official languages, unequal levels of education, a range of generations, and cultures. Within this context, technology is becoming increasingly accessible with affordable smartphones, and easier access to the internet. Our role as African designers is to pave the way forward for these new users through following a human-centred design approach. Who else knows our country and our people better than us? Welcome to Guidelines, a podcast about human-centred design within South Africa and beyond. My name is Jonathan Copeland, and I want to help people feel smarter in their day to day lives by building technology that is more accessible. I am at the beginning of my career in design, and this podcast is a way to open source my education, and share the answers to questions that I am asking -- growing South Africa's design community in the process. Music: Reaching Out by Sappheiros C

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