The House Witch: Your Complete Guide To Creating A Magical Space With Rituals And Spells For Hearth And Home

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Everything you need to know to create your very own “sacred space”—perfect for practicing home-based witchcraft including spells, rituals, herbalism, and more!—from the author of The Green Witch.

Your home is an important part of who you are—it makes sense to tie your practice of witchcraft closely to the place where you build your life. In The House Witch, you’ll discover everything you need to live, work, and practice in your own magical space. Follow expert Arin Murphy-Hiscock on a journey to building and fortifying a sacred space in your own home, with essential information on how to:

-Create magical cookbooks of recipes, spells, and charms
-Prepare food that nourishes body and soul
-Perform rituals that protect and purify hearth and home
-Master the secrets of the cauldron and the sacred flame
-Call upon the kitchen gods and goddesses.
-Produce hearth-based arts and crafts.
…and much more!

Learn how easy it is to transform your home into a magical place that enhances your practice and nurtures your spirit!


  • 001 TheHouseWitch Open

    Duration: 17s
  • 002 TheHouseWitch Introduction

    Duration: 02min
  • 003 TheHouseWitch Chapter1 APlaceToCallHome

    Duration: 31min
  • 004 TheHouseWitch Chapter2 YouHomeAsASacredSpace

    Duration: 25min
  • 005 TheHouseWitch Chapter3 YourSpiritualHearth

    Duration: 19min
  • 006 TheHouseWitch Chapter4 TheMagicOfTheCauldron

    Duration: 32min
  • 007 TheHouseWitch Chapter5 HearthAndHomeDieties

    Duration: 28min
  • 008 TheHouseWitch Chapter6 TheKitchenAsASacredSpace

    Duration: 37min
  • 009 TheHouseWitch Chapter7 UsingHearthcraftToProtectYourHome

    Duration: 43min
  • 010 TheHouseWitch Chapter8 MagicAtTheHearth

    Duration: 31min
  • 011 TheHouseWitch Chapter9 TheSpiritualityOfFood

    Duration: 29min
  • 012 TheHouseWitch Chapter10 HerbsCraftsAndOtherHearthRelatedMagicWork

    Duration: 40min
  • 013 TheHouseWitch Chapter11 SpellsAndRituals

    Duration: 19min
  • 014 TheHouseWitch Postscript

    Duration: 01min
  • 015 TheHouseWitch Appendix

    Duration: 03min
  • 016 TheHouseWitch Close

    Duration: 50s