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We Are Photographers from CreativeLive brings you true stories from behind the lens and behind the lives of your favorite photographers, filmmakers and creative industry game changers. From their struggles to their wins, host Kenna Klosterman gets you the real human stories about why they do what they do.At CreativeLive we believe there's a creator (and a photographer) in all of us, and yes, that means you! If youre ready to join us in the hustle, listen, get inspired and discover why in the end the creative journey is all worth it. We are photographers and these are our stories.


  • Dave Krugman - Photographing NYC Streets

    09/09/2018 Duration: 17min

    Dave Krugman is a street photographer based in NYC. He’s a member of the Sony Alpha Collective and a Manfrotto Global Ambassador. He believes anyone can learn the craft of photography with no camera at all, especially on the streets of NYC. In this episode, Dave talks about the similarities between the creative elements that make up both photography and music. We hear about the beautiful intersection of old and new when combining his grandfather’s old analog lenses with the latest Sony mirrorless technology. Dave believes anyone can learn the craft of photography with no camera at all, especially on the streets of NYC. This is We Are Photographers with Dave Krugman, and this is his story.

  • Brooke Shaden - Writing and Promoting Passion

    09/09/2018 Duration: 27min

    Brooke Shaden shares how she accidentally became a photographer even though she didn’t feel a connection to the medium. We explore self-doubt, letting go of pride, and the fear of declaring herself a writer. If creativity doesn’t come easily for you, Brooke shares how she’s discovered her own style. We find out what her tattoo says that’s based on the book she’s most obsessed with. Brooke Shaden is an award-winning self-portrait artist, motivational speaker & educator, a Sony Artisan of Imagery and a writer. She created the Promoting Passion Convention, and co-founded The Light Space, a photography school for survivors of human trafficking and gender based violence in India and Thailand. This is We Are Photographers with Brooke Shaden, and this is her story.

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