Dear Jesus: Seeking His Light In Your Life

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Know Jesus on a deeper, more personal level, and learn how to share all aspects of your life with Him every day. New York Times bestselling author of Jesus Calling, Sarah Young brings you a devotional that exemplifies how to know Jesus, why it’s important to know Him, and how a richer relationship with Him will change your life.

In Dear Jesus, you’ll find 120 inspired devotions that delve into:

  • personal struggles
  • longings that weigh on the heart
  • preoccupation with problems
  • dissatisfaction with oneself
  • pressing spiritual issues
  • guidance and encouragement found in Scripture
  • verses that form a foundation for truth
  • unconditional love and promises in God’s Word

This heartfelt addition to Sarah Young’s brand of enriching books will draw you into the presence of God through these spiritual letters of grace. This is a great gift for anyone looking for a fuller and deeper relationship with the Savior who loves us always and forever. Dear Jesus makes a great gift for men and women searching for a deeper relationship with Him.


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