Focus: Achieving Your Highest Priorities [abridged]

Focus: Achieving Your Highest Priorities [abridged]


The Focus workshop presents an engaging and inspirational learning experience and will change your life in ways you never thought possible.

With this audiobook, you will begin a process and journey to a new way of thinking about personal and professional focus and accomplishment. You'll learn how to identify -- and focus -- on the tasks and priorities that matter most so that you can deliver maximum results every day.

You'll learn to turn the things you have to do into the things you want to do. Dr. Covey and master facilitator Steve Jones introduce you to the FranklinCovey workshop that has already helped 10 million people become more productive.

With this audiobook, you'll also receive these valuable tools from FranklinCovey:

  • A handy job-aid on Keeping Your Focus, designed to carry with you to remind you how to stay focused and achieve results
  • A Resource CD-ROM packed with great tools such as teaching wizards to help you identify your values and mission and how to set goals
  • A free 30-day trial of FranklinCovey's PlanPlus™ for Microsoft® Outlook®
  • A screensaver of 200+inspirational quotes

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