The Bitch In The House [abridged]

The Bitch In The House [abridged]


Despite more power and choices than ever before, women are still angry -- that's not necessarily a bad thing, as anger is what continues to open the door for change. In this collection, 15 women speak boldly and passionately about choices they've made -- about sex, children, love and work -- and explore what's working and what is not. Their essays -- always provocative, honest, witty and wise -- are the culmination of the lessons of the past two decades, the ‘me' years and the therapy years, the years that have taught women to express themselves and acknowledge their needs. As celebratory as they are critical, these brilliant essays reflect the truth about life.

Audio contains the following essays, written and read by the contributors:

Introduction -- Cathi Hanauer

Getting the Milk for Free -- Veronica Chambers

Crossing to Safety -- Jen Marshall

Moving In. Moving Out. Moving On. -- Sarah Miller

Papa Don't Preach -- Kerry Herlihy

I Do. Not.: Why I Won't Marry -- Catherine Newman

Killing the Puritan Within -- Kate Christensen

My Mother's Ring: Caught Between Two Families -- Helen Schulman

Attila the Honey I'm Home -- Kristin van Ogtrop

The Myth of Co-Parenting: How It Was Supposed to Be. How It Was. -- Hope Edelman

Daddy Dearest: What Happens When He Does More Than His Half? -- Laurie Abraham

Crossing the Line in the Sand: How Mad Can Mother Get? -- Elissa Schappell

Married at 46: The Agony and the Ecstacy -- Nancy Wartik

The Fat Lady Sings -- Natalie Kusz

What Independence Has Come to Mean to Me: The Pain of Solitude.The Pleasure of

Self-Knowledge. -- Vivian Gornick

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